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Three Commandments PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Sunday, 14 December 2008 19:55

To produce a tasty food

We are on our toes to produce a lot of variety of products with different shapes, textures, tastes, flavors, fillings and toppings that would satisfy a customer like you. We are also prepared to produce many new products when you want them. Just tell us about a new product you want and we will try our best to do it for you.

To produce a safe food

We have instituted suitable systems for food safety and product quality assurance, based on current international best practices. This is a continuously evolving system. The core elements are enlightened management, concepts, systems and procedures, highly trained and motivated people and implementation. The focus is on assuring customer delight.

Food Safety system: A good food safety system consists among others, Good manufacturing Practices (GMP), Good Hygene practices (GHP) and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP). The objective of these systems are to produce at all times a safe food for the customers. Food safety is assured by the selection of suitable processing methods, machines, layouts and plant sanitation. Process flow charts are prepared, process and procedures are evolved, tested and implemented. Critical control points leading to food safety and food quality are identified, monitored and corrected. Employees are trained and educated on best hygiene practices and food safety systems. It is also realized that the raw material suppliers are our partners in our quality movement and they are carefully selected and due to continued dialogue with them, supply of safe inputs are assured.

We are responsible for the food safety up to the point of consumption of the product by the customer. The valuable suggestion and inputs from customers are a great help in continuous improvement of our food products. Proper advice is given to the customer for maintaining with reasonable care, after sales food safety and quality of the food product which he buys.

To produce a healthy food

The energy and nutrient needs of the people vary widely depending on their age, physical activity etc. This is assured by the proper combination of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals, food fibers, vitamins and other micro nutrients suited for each age group. It has been acknowledged that much more than the calorie and protein difficiency, most of the Indians are undernourished and lack certain vitamins, minerals and micro nutrients. In tune with the current international practice and as advised by nutritionists and leading authorities, we have instituted a program of progressive enrichment of the entire range of food products. All ready we have been using additional wheat proteins, whey proteins, soy and milk minerals in many of our food products. Now we have started adding certain essential vitamins and minerals to further enrich our range of our products. Lately even addition of food fibers has been found to be essential for human nutrition. We make many products with added food fibers. If a group of customers have any special dietiary needs such as low calorie, high fiber, low fat, no added salt, no added sugar or any other similar unusual needs, we will be able to develop suitable products for them. Your family's health is our care.

Hidden commandment

Actually there is a hidden fourth commandment, that is to produce a quality food. Customers almost never notice quality but always notice lack of quality. Hence quality is often a hidden element. Customers like you set the standards for quality by buying or rejecting a product and help improve quality standards of a product by constructive comments and suggestions. From the customers perspective, quality is the combination of the above three commandment; that is tasty food, safe food and healthy food.

Quality is often described as consistency. This is assured by putting in place total systems similar to food safety. Here the emphasis is on producing a consistent product through a quality assurance system made effective through the participation of the customers, management, employees and the vendors. Please do tell us how we can further improve our products and service to you. You are our best quality partner.